Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Pictures-Simply Betty Great Secret Pumpkin Exchange Blog Hop Contest

I'm entering these pictures into the Simply Betty It's the Great Pumpkin Exchange Blog Hop Contest.

Annaliese was Little Red Riding Hood/Bad Wolf and Aiden was a soldier. Alot of people thanked Aiden for his service and saluted. It was so cute. He's been wearing his costume for a few weeks now and will continue to until it falls apart or he outgrows it. That is what he did with his pirate costume. He wore it every day after preschool until it didn't fit anymore. Costumes are made pretty well nowadays!! I wonder what he will be next. He definitely gets his money's worth!

Annaliese had a trick or trunk at her school. It's alot of fun. All the parents bring their cars to the school and after the parade, the kids go around and collect their candy. Here are some pictures from the trick or trunking. In the morning, Aiden had a parade, but didn't want his picture taken. He told me he needed a nap!

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